This Raccoon Allegedly Riding An Alligator Is The Real-Life Rocket Raccoon

Guardians of the Galaxy would have you believe that somewhere far, far away, raccoons and trees can coexist as partners in crime. Technically this is true of the real world, though trees don’t actually talk and raccoons don’t know how to escape from high-security prisons. Then again, this planet apparently features raccoons riding alligators — at least, in Florida.

AS WFTV reports, Richard Jones and his family were hiking in the Ocala National Forest when his son just happened to be in the right place at the right time to snag the photo above. Jones explained that his son probably startled the raccoon, causing it jump on the closest thing it could find. This happened to be an alligator.

Keep in mind that this is the Internet we’re talking about. While the original report hasn’t necessarily called the photo into question, the story’s Reddit post is doing just that. But let’s face it — whether you think it’s real or not, Reddit user untergrund sums the situation up nicely:

F*ck, now even raccoons are wearing crocs.

(Via WFTV)