This Russian Woman Has Posted Over 30,000 Videos To YouTube

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04.20.12 2 Comments

Anna Matskevich is a 47-year-old schizophrenic Russian woman and former dancer — and she may hold the record for most videos uploaded to YouTube for a single, personal account. She has put over 1,100 videos online since March 21, 2012, for an average of 38 videos per day or over 1.5 every hour. And that’s just her most recent account, under the name “refbatchrefbatch.” Anna has another one, too, “refbatch,” with 28,962 uploaded videos since 2008.

The sheer quantity of videos was the first thing that attracted a cult-like audience to her account, before it became about her illness and the “weird” stuff she’d say. Her conspiracy-soaked videos are given titles like, “doc of broken glass collision at collision of stage in israel” and “bare-foot snow vidoeo s repression high alert..exodus froms ceintology slavery,” and most are filmed in public locations or in the middle of the woods.

Those are particularly eerie, to say nothing of the footage of Anna, who speaks an often undecipherable blend of Russian and English and may have been recently hospitalized (and released) for mental problems, seemingly babbling in tongues. But one’s thing all too clear: this is a very troubled woman who has put her entire life online.

Welcome to the future!

Her first video. If you watch enough videos in chronological order, you can see her hygiene and overall physical image going to waste. It’s clear she was once very pretty — and then you see her rotted-away teeth.

It’s disturbing how infrequently she looks at the camera, like she doesn’t recognize its existence.

She’s like a late-night host here — a crazy late-night host broadcasting live from the scenic woods of Russia. Maybe she’s seen the Russian?

Yup, definitely an Internet personality.

The fact that I can’t understand her makes this video all the more tragic.

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