This Tarantino-Style GTA V Trailer Tells The Revenge Story Of ‘El Bastardo’

01.01.15 4 years ago

8-BIT BASTARD has released a new fake GTA V movie trailer that follows the revenge story of El Bastardo. Taking inspiration from Quentin Tarantino and the Grindhouse movie genre he so often champions, the trailer follows the Bastardo’s escape from imprisonment as he seeks his own means of justice from those who ratted on him 20 years earlier.

This is some pretty great work by the 8-BIT BASTARD team and by the look of their YouTube channel, they specialize in GTA V Movie and TV Recreations. Basically, all we need now is to make El Bastardo a reality. Are you paying attention, Hollywood?

(Via: 8-BIT BASTARD / Kotaku)

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