This Woman Called 911 Because Subway Put Marinara Sauce On Her ‘Flatizza’

Move over, woman who called 911 after being served “raw” waffles, because Bevalente Michette Hall of Gastonia, North Carolina — clearly a woman of a refined and superior palette — called 911 after allegedly being served “marinara sauce” instead of pizza sauce on her Subway “Flatizza.”

Yeah, I didn’t realize there was a difference either, but what do peasants like myself know about the rules of etiquette when it comes to what kind of red-colored slop you put on top of your cardboard? The Gaston Gazette reports:

According to police, the woman called 911 to say her pizza wasn’t made correctly. In the 911 call, Hall says the staff at the Cox Road Subway put marinara sauce on her pizza. She said she wanted pizza sauce instead.

“It’s terrible, and I got my receipt,” she said. “And I told them I can’t eat that kind of sauce. They made my mom another sandwich without a problem, but say they won’t make me a sandwich,” she said.

In the second 911 call from Hall’s number, a woman can be heard screaming in the background, saying “that stuff ain’t right.’

Well, good news, police did respond to the call. Bad news, Ms. Hall was arrested with misuse of the 911 system before being released on a $2,000 bond. Or, if you’re keeping track, the equivalent of about 500 Subway Flatizzas.

You can listen to the 911 call here. Kudos to the 911 dispatcher for going with “ma’am” because I would not know how to call that one.

(Via the Daily Dot)

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