This Woman Found Out The Hard Way That You Don’t Pin Another Dude’s Baby On Your Man

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Last week, a woman named Tracey called in to an Australian radio show called THE EDGE! with hosts Mike E. and Emma, seeking advice about an indiscretion with a backpacker months previous that left her pregnant with a baby who was not her boyfriend’s, and whether or not she should just try to pass the baby off as his. To the surprise of no one, call in listeners took the woman to task, basically calling her out as the terrible person she obviously appears to be.

Mike E. and Emma invited Tracey back this week to get an update on her situation, as you can listen in the clip below, and… it did not go well for her. Oh sure, she told her boyfriend they were having a (read: his) baby, and he was ecstatic, but where she went wrong was announcing this master plan on a public radio program where anyone could be listening. Like the boyfriend whom she attempted to pin a human life on!

As J. Camm at BroBible points out, there’s a not so subtle wafting of bullcrap lingering on this story, as it’s kind of coincidence that her boyfriend would get through to the station as quickly as he did when there were probably plenty of people calling in to tell her that she’s basically the devil. It wouldn’t be the first or the last time a radio station pulled a stunt to reign in listeners.

Did this woman really just ruin her life, or is this a staged prank? You be the judge:

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(BroBible via LadBible)

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