This Woman Wants You To Know That Monster Energy Drinks Are The Work Of Satan

Now I’m not here to judge you for your religious beliefs or faith in the unknown. I am here to judge you on your energy drink choices, though. It’s a rare occurrence when the two manage to overlap, but here we are and this lady is leading the charge.

Her entire spiel reminds me of the lady from Decline Of The Western Civilization Part II who tries to explain how the “devil horns” hand gesture managed to add up to “666” when you trace the curves of the fingers. Total bullsh*t, but that lady probably made more money than I ever will to say it.

Here we have an equally baffling woman who manages to double down the crazy and express how she believes MONSTER energy drinks are the work of Satan. Is she just a warrior of God or an employee of the Rockstar energy group? I guess you’ll just have to watch and find out. Maybe she’ll convince you and start a really cool cult.

(Via Reddit / Five7weezy)