This Woman’s Entertaining Sex Diary Is The Antithesis Of That Sex-Starved Husband’s Spreadsheet

07.22.14 5 years ago 48 Comments

Over the weekend, a spreadsheet went viral documenting the sex attempts of a frustrated husband who douchily decided to unburden his soul with it onto his wife, who was at the time in a taxi on the way to the airport for a business trip. And while yes, it was pretty douchey — as many of you pointed out — there has got to be some kind of fundamental problem with a relationship if one partner never wants to have sex with the other, so I can only hope for this both of their sakes that one of them is rewarded with divorce papers upon her return.

So speaking of documenting sex and divorce papers, after this story went viral, our friends over at Guyism received an email from an old female acquaintance who claimed to be in possession of a sex diary of a friend of hers who had been married to a guy who never gave her any attention, ahem, sexually — who then shared it with ten of her closest friends on the night of the divorce. Just so you know, it’s not always the wives who are the sh*tty ones at intimacy in a marriage.

The raw PDFs allegedly included too much information, so Guyism Senior Editor A. Issac took the liberty of cleaning it up and organizing into his own spreadsheet, for posterity’s sake:

And therein lies the fundamental difference between women and men. When a man keeps a sex journal, he uses it in an attempt at gaining leverage in the marriage at an inopportune time. When a woman keeps a sex journal, we will secretly plot to leave your ass, and then use the sex journal to laugh at you behind your back with all of our friends. And then reach for our Magic Wand.

(Image used with permission of Guyism)

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