THQ Cancels ‘InSane’, To No Shock Whatsoever

It’s no secret THQ has some pretty serious challenges in front of it. They’ve narrowly avoided getting their stock delisted and Darksiders II absolutely has to be a hit or the company might not make it. It also means pruning their catalog down to just the hits.

Which means Guillermo Del Toro’s InSane is officially returned to the director for somebody else to never develop it.

Sure, the idea of Volition, the studio behind the no-brakes Saints Row: The Third, making a survival horror game sounded awesome, but really, del Toro has spent most of the last four years stretching himself too damn thin. Hellboy II teetered right on the edge of being officially too damn twee for its own good, nearly getting to Batman Returns levels of Hollywood self-obsession.

And honestly the entire game smelled of ego and excess. They were already planning a trilogy before they even announced a plot, and THQ was making way too much of Del Toro’s involvement. Just because the guy can direct a movie doesn’t mean he can make a video game.

He seems to be coming back: Pacific Rim has real promise. But let’s just let inSane lie, shall we? Let the film director direct films.

image courtesy THQ