TikTok Users Have Been Flooding A Texas Anti-Abortion Whisteblower Service With Shrek Memes

On Wednesday, Texas rolled out nightmarish legislation that not only all but outlawed abortion, but also encouraged snitches to rat out those who get the procedure. First the very conservative Supreme Court did nothing to stop it; eventually they ruled 5-4 in favor of letting it remain. Panic set in. The Handmaid’s Tale comparisons ran rampant. It’s unclear what one can do to stop it. But TikTok users had one idea: Cripple it with Shrek porn.

As per Raw Story, the anti-abortion group Texas Right to Life set up a website in advance of the newly instated law, which bans abortion after six weeks of pregnancy, before most women realize they’re pregnant. The site allows people to leave anonymous tips about those seeking abortions. Even before September 1, people had already figured a way to spam it.

The site allows tipsters to drop images along with detailed snitching, and it was shared by both anti-abortion crusaders…and by young anti-anti-abortion crusaders, who spread it around Reddit, Twitter, and TikTok. One person dropped a video on the latter showing what he did: He wrote, “My wife aborted our baby 4 weeks into her pregnancy without consulting me.” Then he peppered that with no less than 11 images of Shrek porn.


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And so, just a day after the draconian law went into action, a site for doxxing was overrun by social media yuksters-cum-activists.

The anti-abortion site wasn’t only clogged with porn featuring a giant green ogre voiced by Mike Myers. Selena Gomez stans also sprung into action.

There was also furry porn.

And can’t-unsee Ted Cruz images.

Things got so bad for the people at Texas Right to Live that they started blocking people.

This is hardly the first time that Good Trouble activists have spammed far right snitch services with jokey misinformation. Soon after the 2020 election, hotlines were set up for people to report all the voter fraud that wasn’t happening. So people started leaving cartoonishly false reports, including the creator of Gravity Falls, who kept leaving prank messages about the Hamburglar. So history repeats itself, but in a good way.

(Via Raw Story)