The Creator Of ‘Gravity Falls’ Has Been Leaving Prank Messages On Election Fraud Hotlines About The Hamburglar

It’s no surprise that Donald Trump and many of his supporters are having a hard time with Saturday’s Joe Biden win. Since the election Tuesday, the soon-to-be former president has filled with his Twitter feed with baseless (and quickly censored) conspiracy theories about voter fraud. Others, like Gingrich (but not former president George W. Bush) have joined him in parading around bull about ballot tampering and the like, and some have even set up hotlines, where the citizenry can report any malfeasance they may have witness — or made up. Sure enough, it didn’t take long for chuckleheads to take advantage of people trying to rob Biden of his just win.

As caught by Deadline, Alex Hirsch, creator of the much-loved animated show Gravity Falls, has been calling into a hotline set up by Trump’s ever-bumbling personal attorney Rudy Giuliani, informing them that he saw fraud being perpetrated by a man who looked suspiciously like McDonald’s mascot the Hamburglar.

After encouraging people to make prank reports, Hirsch shared a video of him filing a false report. “I saw what I believe is a voter fraud situation,” Hirsch told the operator. “I saw a man. He walked into this building and he was wearing a black hat, black mask, striped shirt, and a red tie. And I believe there were hamburgers in his bag? And he was saying, ‘Robble Robble!’ as he was exiting the building, like a burglar. I think he’s possibly Antifa.” Around this time the operator hangs up.

After the presidential race was called for Biden on Saturday, Trump and his team threatened to file legal action starting Monday, but they failed to specify what hard proof would take said cases legitimate. We may be in for a bumpy — or at least annoying — ride, so amusing distractions like these are more than welcome.

(Via Deadline)