Tim Allen Has Found Himself The Subject Of Ridicule Over His Hot Take On Evolution

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Tim Allen hasn’t been having the greatest year. A rare, outspoken Hollywood conservative, shortly after the election the Home Improvement star caught flack for suggesting that Trump supporters are unfairly bullied, and — instead of learning from that mistake — later doubled down on those remarks by telling Jimmy Kimmel that being a Hollywood conservative is akin to “living in 1930’s Germany.

A couple of months later, Last Man Standing was canceled by ABC, and although it seemed possible that CMT might pick up the family sitcom, the cable network made like Lucy with the football when it became apparent that it was too expensive to continue producing.

That’s a rough shake for anybody to go through within the span of just six months or so, and as of Wednesday, Allen’s name was trending again and not for a flattering reason. Late Tuesday night, the Tool Man gifted the world with this deep thought on evolution.

It was his real Kirk Cameron banana moment, you could say.

I’m not going to get into all of the issues with Allen’s logic, because most people learned about this in high school and this is a pop culture website and I don’t have all day, so let’s cut right to the jokes, because, of course, Twitter had jokes.

Anyone looking for more brilliant insight from Tim Allen should head over to the Tim Allen Quotes Twitter feed, which — trust me — is worth your while.