Watch This Tinder Match Meet On ‘Good Morning America’ For The First Time After Three Years Of Messaging

Michelle Arendas, 21, and Josh Avsec, 22, both Kent State University students, first connected on Tinder back in September of 2014, when Josh sent Michelle the innocuous greeting, “Hey Michelle.” Yet the couple only met for the first time this week, on Good Morning America, after screenshots of their three year long courtship went viral on Twitter.

If you’re wondering how this is even possible — even within a university the size of Kent State — the answer lies more within a running joke than reverse serendipity. See, after Josh first sent that greeting, it took Michelle over two months to respond, “Sorry, my phone died!” Realizing that was a bad excuse, Josh went radio silent this time, following up a couple months later, “Hey, sorry was in the shower,” and so on.

Before letting the couple meet, Good Morning America had them play a match game of sorts, to make sure that they were truly compatible. When it was discovered that both Josh and Michelle were fans of that obscure NBC sitcom The Office and therefore a match made in heaven, they were finally allowed to set eyes on one another for the first time ever.

Due to the nature of their story, Tinder even offered to set the two up on a date in any city they wanted, and the couple chose Maui. Hope they like each other! (Personally, I would have said the Times Square Olive Garden so I could peace out in a jiff if needed.)

Here’s Josh’s original tweets of their three years of messages — which he didn’t screen with Michelle, by the way. (Already off to a great start, Josh!)