‘Titanfall’, The New Game By The Creators Of ‘Modern Warfare’ Is An Xbox One Exclusive

That’s right! An interesting, exclusive (well, console exclusive — it’ll also be on the PC) game on the Xbox One of all things! Yup, turns out the machine isn’t just an expensive DVR-enhancer. It actually plays games!

Titanfall is the first title to come out of Respawn Entertainment, the company started by Infinity Ward founders Jason West and Vince Zampella after Activision unceremoniously canned them. The game was set to be unveiled in the July issue of Game Informer, but whoops, bits of the issue got leaked early. Hit the jump for some Titanfall details…

Even though I’m sure EA fought valiantly for it to be the case, Titanfall isn’t just another military shooter. It’s a sci-fi, Halo-ish shooter in which you can play as mechs (called “titans” in the game) and the fast, agile pilots that control them.

Titanfall is being created with a modified version of Valve’s Source Engine, and according to Respawn the game is going to make heavy use of Microsoft’s Cloud. So in other words, no Internet connection, no Titanfall for you. The game will be coming out “spring” of 2014.

Here’s a more complete look at the Game Informer cover…

That’s about all we know for now! What do you guys think? Does Titanfall peak your interest for Xbox One just a little bit?

via NeoGAF & Game Informer