A Florida News Anchor Proves He’s A ‘Top Gun’ At Delivering Tom Cruise Movie Puns

Like Tom Cruise jumping off of a building, Florida news anchor Jamie Holmes threw caution to the wind on Thursday morning when he delivered a pun-filled report on the actor’s upcoming expedition to space. With cringe-worthy lines like “space is a risky business, but Space-X has made all the right moves,” and “I just hope the weather holds, and there are no days of thunder,” Holmes may have just reached the Valhalla of dad jokes with this one. The reactions from colleagues are also pretty great and varied from laughing with tears in their eyes to absolute disbelief at what they just witnessed.

You can see the full report below:

After a little bit of sleuthing, it appears that Holmes workshopped his Cruise puns on Twitter before taking them live. You almost have to admire the confidence it took to say, “Yes, these tweets are good enough for TV, ” and then executing. But would it have killed him to work in an Interview with the Vampire reference?

As for the status of Cruise’s upcoming film that he plans to shoot in actual space, Holmes is most likely referring to the recent, unconfirmed reports that Cruise and director Doug Liman have an October 2021 launch date set with Space X. According to Deadline, the Space Shuttle Almanac tweeted a photo of spacecraft set to launch in the next years, and it had an interesting addition:

Under the October 2021 part of the chart reads “SpaceX Crew Dragon,” with an image of a small space vehicle beside it. Next to the illustration are a list of three names: SpaceX Pilot Lopez Alegria, Tourist 1 Tom Cruise and Tourist 2 Doug Liman. The tourist flight also shows a vacant spot for a third visitor.

Again, this is an unconfirmed report and could just be a preliminary fight, not the actual start of production. As of now, there is still no official word on when Tom Cruise will be launched into orbit, but it’s only a matter of time.

(Via Jamie Holmes on Twitter)

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