Watch A Prankster Teach A Drunk Driver A Lesson By Convincing Him He’s Been In A Coma For 10 Years

Comedian and prankster Tom Mabe was sick of his friend driving drunk. The alcoholic had racked up five (FIVE!) DUIs without learning his lesson, so Tom set out to teach him one he would never forget.

With the help of friends, Mabe turned an empty office into a makeshift hospital room. Then he waited for his friend to pass out in his truck (presumably a common occurrence), at which point they dragged him into the office and waited to scare him into thinking he’d lost a decade of his life to a coma.

Did it actually teach him a lesson? Only time will tell. Hopefully the next time this guy reaches for his keys he will be able to recall the panic he felt when asking the fake doctor about his daughter.

The message of this prank is clearly a good one, but the current state of the Internet practically begs us to give this video the full Zapruder treatment and question the validity of every frame. Was the “victim” in on it? Would even a repeat drunk driver fall for that supremely cheesy news report? Or was he just so hungover and confused that some of the obvious giveaways whizzed past his foggy brain? Feel free to provide your analysis in the comments.

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