Tomi Lahren Got Schooled After Comparing Afghanistan Fallout To ‘Benghazi On Steroids’

Following Thursday’s attack on the Kabul airport, conservative commentator Tomi Lahren latched on to the chance to criticize the Democratic Party and President Joe Biden for the deteriorating conditions in Afghanistan. However, in an on-brand move, Lahren attempted to equate the situation in Afghanistan with Benghazi while also taking random jabs at “kneeling” and “wokeness.”

“This is Benghazi on steroids and EXACTLY what happens when you put a party in power that would rather sh*t on America than protect and defend it,” Lahren tweeted. “No amount of kneeling and wokeness will save American lives. This is an abomination!!!!”

As Lahren no doubt doesn’t know, the repeated Benghazi investigations cleared Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, and ended up blowing back on the Republican Party. Fortunately, there were several people on Twitter who were ready to school Lahren.

Of course, Lahren wouldn’t have had such a wide opening to criticize the American withdrawal from Afghanistan if the media hadn’t botched its coverage of the evacuation. On Wednesday night, political strategist James Carville took the media and Democrats to task for the way it’s criticized Biden for a no-win situation.

“[Biden] would greatly benefit if the press would cover this accurately,” Carville said. “And yes, you always have mealy-mouthed Democrats. And I can’t tell you the number of phone calls I’ve gotten… where people say, ‘You know, he did the right thing, but he’s going about it the wrong way.’ And I’ve said: Do they teach a course at West Point or Annapolis or Johns Hopkins on how to lose a war? No. There’s no good way to lose a war!”