Tomi Lahren Can’t Decide If The New COVID Variants Are A Diabolical Conspiracy Or A Cue For People To Get In Shape And Eat Better

It’s been awhile since we’ve heard from Tomi Lahren. The Fox News personality has continued to complain about “the Libs” and make easily debunked claims to her 1.6 million followers, naturally, but her recent output hasn’t been on the level of WTF as flight attendants are “Nazis of the air.” That’s the Tomi we know and… “love” is strong, so let’s leave it at “know.” On the Olympics, Lahren recently tweeted, “These crybaby Olympic athletes wouldn’t know oppression if it bit them straight in their whiny behinds,” along with a plug for her appearance on Fox and Friends. She also referred to people as “sheep” without a hint of irony. Lahren is playing the greatest hits, but every so often, she’ll have a whopper of a tweet. In the past 15 hours, there have been two of them.

“Now there’s a variant to the variant?! Wow sounds like a great way to keep fear, control and mail-in voter fraud going forever huh…” Lahren tweeted on Tuesday night, followed by this doozy of a hot take on Wednesday morning: “If you’re willing to go through another economy crushing lock down for ‘health and safety’ but won’t consider a healthy diet and exercise, you’re not serious about your health.”

To recap, Tomi Lahren thinks the Delta variant is part of a Democrat conspiracy theory to keep Republicans out of office through absentee balloting; she also continued to ignore mask mandates in favor of shaming people who want a Big Mac at the end of a long day (it’s worth noting that states with the “highest obesity rates” tend to vote Republican). “Or, you could encourage people to wear a mask and get vaccinated. That would also prevent another lock down,” one Twitter user replied to her tweet, while another pointed out the “healthy” diet of a certain former-president who nearly died from COVID.

Maybe she should go back to posting about sheep…