Tomi Lahren Compared Flight Attendants To Nazis For Enforcing Mask Mandates, And People Are Rightfully Furious At Her

Flight attendants are overworked, underpaid, and a report found that “transportation workers have the highest COVID-19 risk score — 75.7 out of an average 30.2 — of 966 non-health jobs assessed.” They’re about as essential as essential workers get, but because they make customers wear masks to prevent catching a virus that is still killing over 8,000 people every day, Tomi Lahren thinks they’re Nazis. I guess she would know.

During a discussion about “unruly behavior” in the skies on Thursday’s broadcast of the Fox News program Outnumbered, former-White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany called on viewers to “be nice to our flight attendants” after a “brutal year” of “being the mask police.” Lahren had a different, less empathetic take. “But I will disagree a little bit with Kayleigh on this. I don’t honestly ever do this, but I will say there are so many good flight attendants out there. But there are some flight attendants that take their job as the mask police to extremes, becoming almost Nazis of the air.”

If McEnany is the voice of reason, something has gone terribly wrong:

Lahren, who once referred to social distancing as “willful slavery,” said the strict enforcement of mask mandates is irritating some airline passengers. Airlines have reported a sharp uptick in bad behavior from passengers this year. “It drops beneath your nose,” Lahren said, referencing a slipping mask, and flight attendants are “constantly getting mad at you.”

Lahren continued her bad takes on Twitter, where she tweeted, “You can be kicked off a plane for having an already useless mask below your nose but you won’t be kicked out of this country for being a criminal illegal alien. Makes sense, in Biden’s America.” She also wrote that Joe Biden’s “vaccine patrol” can “kiss my country ass.” Twitter can be very bad (@TomiLahren) but it can also be very good (people making fun of Tomi Lahren).