Tomi Lahren Is Having A Meltdown And Spreading ‘Misleading’ Information About The Election

If you go to Donald Trump’s Twitter account (I would not suggest doing this), you’ll notice that three of the president’s five most recent tweets or quote-tweets have been flagged by Twitter for being “misleading about an election or other civic process.” A totally normal post-Election Day tradition. Tomi Lahren must have been inspired by her socialist-fearing king, as one of her tweets has also received a warning for being, well, full of crap.

“The Left weaponized coronavirus to push mail-in voting, the most fraud-ridden method and easiest to manipulate. This is no coincidence. This was their backup plan. But it ain’t over till it’s over,” Lahren wrote, leading Twitter to slap the “some or all of the content shared in this Tweet is disputed and might be misleading about an election or other civic process” label on her ramblings. But don’t worry, there’s plenty of non-flagged nonsense.

“The Left believes it has a moral obligation to win by any means necessary. They believe in their socialism, in their big government, in their control and they will do anything to get it. Now we just have to pray the patriots of this country were strong enough to overwhelm it,” reads one, followed soon after by, “Honestly the fact that a single person would vote for a man who promises to raise taxes, doesn’t know what state he’s in, and can’t put a sentence together is absolutely mind-boggling as it is. Liberalism: a disease.” A more deadly disease than the virus that’s killed 233,000 Americans, I’m sure.

She’s already working on next year’s Halloween costume: a ballot dump.