This Guy Pulled The Ultimate Troll Move On Tomi Lahren While Pretending To Take A Selfie

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09.15.17 4 Comments


It’s good to have Toyota Lasagna, er, Tomi Lahren back in our lives.

The former Blaze host, who was banned from Glenn Beck’s media empire after she came out as pro-choice and now works at Fox News, should be used to getting dunked on. It happened with rapper Wale (“Ok Tammy”), it happened with Alaska Airlines (“Hi Tami, sorry for any troubles…”), it happened with author J.K. Rowling (“Truly, whom amongst us can forget Trump ordering the killing of bin Laden? Or Obama bragging about barging in on naked beauty contestants?”), and it happened with all of Twitter after she mocked “millennial men.” But somehow, it never gets old.

The latest troll move started innocuously enough, when a “fan” asked for a selfie. But instead of taking a picture, he was filming a video and asked Lahren, “How does it feel to be a racist piece of shit?” Redditor thatgoodgood96, who identified himself as the guy in the video, wrote, “Fun to call her out and the silence that ensued after is unforgettable. Hopefully she has to wear a little bigger hat next time walking around NYC.” He added, “Don’t assume I do this to anyone i disagree with but this piece of shit doesn’t deserve any respect.” He also called Lahren a “cancer to our country.”

Hopefully the country is still on its parents’ healthcare plan, then.

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