Tomi Lahren Is Feuding With YouTube Star Shane Dawson And Here’s What We Know So Far

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01.24.17 5 Comments

Shane Dawson is a 28-year-old bisexual YouTube star with over 16.4 million subscribers and more than 3 billion views, as of April 2016. Tomi Lahren is… Well, we all know who Tomi Lahren is: Right-wing Barbie, liberals’ worst nightmare, etc., etc.

So what do these two have to do with one another? Well, until this past week, not a damn thing. On Monday night however, Lahren threw a party at the Sundance Film Festival — which she attended, for some reason — that Dawson showed up to with his boyfriend. That’s where things get murky. According to a video captured at the scene (below, language NSFW), Dawson can be heard accusing security at the event for kicking him and his boyfriend out (and injuring his leg in the process), just for having the nerve to hold hands with one another. And now, the two internet personalities are embroiled in a feud with one another.

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