Tomi Lahren Is Being Dragged For Her Prediction That Trump Supporters Would Never ‘Loot And Riot’ If He Lost

Tomi Lahren isn’t right about a lot of things. She’s also prone to meltdowns when she is. But on Wednesday, as Trump supporters stormed the Capitol, some people dug up tweets that proved just how wrong she was. Back in early November, after the election but before the presidential race was called for Joe Biden, the far right commentator had a prediction:

“If @realDonaldTrump were to lose (he won’t) his supporters will go to work tomorrow just as we do everyday,” Lahren tweeted on November 3. “When Biden loses, his ‘supporters’ will likely loot and riot. Tells you everything you need to know!”

Well, for starters, Donald Trump did lose. But got something even more glaringly wrong: She thought it was Biden supporters who would loot and riot. What happened instead was Trump supporters attempted to stop a joint formality in which Congress amasses each state’s certified election results and officially declares the winner — in this case, Joe Biden.

Things got ugly quickly. Armed Trump supporters ran amok inside. Members of Congress were forced to flee for their lives. Someone was reportedly shot and killed. Eventually — some two hours too late — the National Guard were called in. In short, whatever Lahren fantasized Biden supporters would do was nothing compared to what Trump supporters actually did.

And so social media came for the Tomi Lahren of only two months ago, to show how she was more wrong than usual.

But there was more! People dug up another tweet from around the same time, in which Lahren predicted this: “No we aren’t going to loot or riot, but we are for damn sure going to keep fighting! You’re not gonna steal this so brazenly.”

That also got torched.

And then there was the Tomi tweet from the summer, during the Black Lives Matter protests, which never got close to devolving into the kind of mess still happening.

In short, Tomi’s probably mad

But she actually wasn’t. Instead, she tweeted through the terror unfolding in Washington, making bad false equivalencies instead of acknowledging that she is just wrong.