The Top Adult Film Searches By State Totally Explains The Success Of ‘Orange Is The New Black’

While much of our great country is currently divided, a new study from Pornhub proves that at least we can still agree on the important things, as the online porn giants break down the top searched porn terms from state to state. And the findings, magnanimously, across much of the United States is that people still really, really, really like girl-on-girl action.

But while “lesbian” takes over most of the east and west coasts, south central and Great Lakes regions, it should be noted that “step-mom,” “step-sister,” “black/ebony,” and cartoon rally strong in a few select states, and Rhode Islanders are still all about the MILFs.

Here’s the complete map breakdown:

They also did a breakdown by category, and “lesbian” once again comes in at the top, albeit by a narrow margin just beating out “teen,” with ebony holding strong over New York and the southeast.

Now that I know what the American people are getting their rocks off to, I feel like it’s only fair that we know the same for those who are currently vying to be the next president. Although it probably goes without saying that Donald Trump skips the skin flicks and just pops in old DVDs of The Apprentice.

(Via Pornhub)