This Week’s Top 30 New Comic Books, For August 26

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08.26.15 6 Comments

It’s New Comic Book Day, and we’ve got an overview of the 30 best books on the stands this week. Remember, we rank on accessibility and quality, so a low ranking doesn’t necessarily make for a bad book. With that in mind, what’s No. 1 this week?

1) They’re Not Like Us #7

This book has taken a fascinating turn, wherein it’s subtly about breaking free from a cult. It just so happens the cult in question was a group of psychics being molded into supervillains by their leader. It’s a compelling idea, and it takes a few twists and turns in this new arc. It’s one of the better takes on the idea of superpowered teenagers out there right now, and highly recommended.

2) Hellboy in Hell #7

Mike Mignola’s exploration of hell takes a dryly funny, literary turn, riffing on the tales of E.T.A. Hoffman. It’s a surprisingly affecting story exploring both the costs Hellboy has faced in his life and death, and one of the best dark comedies on the stands.

3) Ninjak #6

The biggest, most powerful, most secretive, most amoral weapons manufacturer in the world has just been taken over by… uh, well, by our hero! Matt Kindt and Raul Allen deliver an unusually tight espionage book, more John le Carré than Ian Flaming, despite the name in the title.

Allen’s bold line and use of shadow in particular really stand out here, as Kindt delivers a script about why Ninjak is dangerous even with an empty hand as his only weapon. The clean layouts also help, giving the book a very unique feeling. This is the start of a new arc, so if you’ve been debating picking up this book, now’s the time to do it.

4) Past Aways #6

Matt Kindt and Scott Kolins take their loving teasing of two-fisted time-traveling adventurers to a surprising place in this issue, upping the stakes while simultaneously throwing the loyalty of a major player into question. It’s just too damn fun not to read, so pick it up.

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