Trevor Noah Successfully Roasted The Instagram Hoax That’s Fooled Tons Of Other Famous People

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As you may be aware by now, loads of celebrities have been posting the same Instagram hoax that concerns photo rights of images posted to the service. The image is cut-pasted as a screed that ends with “INSTAGRAM DOES NOT HAVE PERMISSION TO SHARE PHOTOS OR MESSAGES” and all of them believing that posting this screencapped text will protect them. Well, it keeps on spreading. Musical artists including T.I., Busta Rhymes, Waka Flocka Flame, Scooter Usher, and Jessie J have all fallen prey to this weirdness, and on the cinematic side of things, Julia Roberts, Evan Rachel Wood, and Judd Apatow have also done the deed. Plus Energy Secretary Rick Perry! Even Walton Goggins (who seemed pretty savvy!) posted the image on Wednesday morning, so all hope may be lost for someone to convince these folks that they’re yelling into the wind.

However, The Daily Show host Trevor Noah isn’t falling for this charade. He took to his own Insta-account with a parody message. “Instagram you are a bad boy, don’t use my message for your badness ok!” he concluded while citing a fake Roman law. “I don’t allow you for this.”

That’s a pretty solid troll job, especially considering that celebrities can’t stop posting gibberish about what The Verge has confirmed is a 2012 hoax that’s found new life. Meanwhile, Rob Lowe’s own son is trying to talk some sense into his father on this mess, and in the other end of the ring, John Mayer’s doing his own troll-like thing: “This post I made on my phone shall stand as a legally binding document, in perpetuity throughout the universe.”

Hey, John Mayer’s pretty funny!