HBO Is Officially Committed To ‘True Detective,’ So What Can We Expect For The Future Of The Show?

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HBO just made a new 2-year deal with True Detective creator Nic Pizzolatt0, giving us a reason to cheer and ponder the future for the critically acclaimed sensation.

Some things we know so far is that True Detective is meant to be an anthology series in the vein of American Horror Story, where the cast and storyline will change from season to season. This is a sad fact because I think Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey are doing career work on the show so far and it’ll be sad to see them go. It’ll also be sad to see some of the female cast go, like Alexandra Daddario, even if we’ve seen so much of her already.

What this does mean is that the stories for later seasons will be fresh and new to viewers. Having such early success will already get folks to tune in, but keeping it fresh will hopefully keep them coming back. From Deadline:

“I tried to make the format as broad for my tastes as possible in the sense that this is almost the True Detective version of a buddy‑cop movie hunting for a serial killer. And there could be a season that’s much more of a widespread conspiracy thriller, a season that’s a small‑town murder mystery, a season where nobody is murdered and it’s a master criminal versus a rogue detective or something. Even the title, True Detective, is meant to be, of course, purposefully somewhat generic – the word “true” can also mean honorable and authentic and things like that. So as long as there is some crime in there, I think the series format can approach it.”

You might be able to get a feel for what’s to come in Pizzolatto’s book Galveston, which supposedly has the noir feel you get from True Detective. I like the idea of an anthology that changes considerably from season to season though.

There is a risk involved because having a new story means you have to win an audience each season instead of being able to carry them over from the previous season. But audiences understand how television has evolved from the old ways and people watch in different ways, so who knows how much effect this would have. American Horror Story has the ability to keep the same cast around at least.

But where basic cable can only pull in so much talent, HBO could have the chance to lure big names to a show like True Detective. That’s where I think the benefit of this format lies. I never would have pictured Matthew McConaughey doing a television series, especially during this career resurgence he has been having. But there he is, chewing up the screen.

Who could True Detective land for seasons to come? Could you see Bruce Willis, in his return to television after nearly thirty years? It worked for Woody Harrelson. Maybe bring in someone looking to re-spark their career.  Adrian Brody, maybe? How about everyone’s favorite street dancing secret service agent, Channing Tatum. F*cking sold.

You have to be excited though, for what’s to come and at the leadership behind the show. HBO extending the contract is a sign of faith for a new talent like Pizzolatto. And maybe shows like True Detective are the next great step following the end of the golden age of television.

What do you think? Who could be on the next season? Where do you want the show to go?

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