Trump Could Wind Up Accepting The GOP’s 2024 Nomination ‘While Wearing An Ankle Bracelet,’ Says James Comey

Donald Trump is up to his ears in legal woes. Not that the majority of Republicans care. The former president is crushing his GOP opponents in the 2024 primary polls, perhaps in part because he’s finally being held responsible for his alleged crimes. One MAGA lawmaker even thinks the many criminal investigations plaguing him give him “credibility.” Now a former employee is speculating that he might have to accept his third nomination while affixed with an unwanted gizmo.

As per Newsweek, James Comey, who served as the director of the FBI from 2013 through 2017 — i.e., for the first year-and-change of Trump’s presidency — went on Jen Psaki’s MSNBC show over the weekend. They discussed, among other investigations, the Department of Justice’s look into his alleged mishandling of government documents. Trump has long maintained his innocence, though last week a smoking gun emerged: a recording of him acknowledging that one document in particular was indeed classified.

At one point, Psaki asked Comey if he could “envision a scenario where Trump manages to win back the White House and justice is delayed.”

“I could, I don’t want to but I could,” Comey replied. “It is this crazy world that Donald Trump has dragged this country into but he could be wearing an ankle bracelet while accepting the nomination at the Republican convention.”

Comey added, “It would be rejected if you put it in a script for a show but you could have a President who is potentially incarcerated when he is elected president, so that would be weird and awkward.

“It seems crazy to even be coming out of my mouth but that is the situation that we face,” he continued. “It looks like the Republicans will likely nominate someone who is under serious criminal investigation, is indicted, who knows where that is going to lead us.”

Comey’s not the first person to acknowledge that Trump may have to campaign after being convicted of a crime (or crimes). Ages ago his good pal Sean Hannity assured viewers that he could still run for president from the slammer.

(Via Newsweek)