Trump Is Being Dragged After He Attacked ‘SNL’ For Mocking His Border Wall National Emergency


It’s been awhile since the president of the United States railed against a comedy program that airs when most people are getting drunk at bars. But something about the most recent Saturday Night Live got under Donald J. Trump’s skin. Perhaps it was all that free time he had during the “national emergency” he just declared, but he definitely spent Sunday morning as he often does: in rage-tweet mode.

Trump was possibly enraged by the “cold open,” in which Alec Baldwin made his billionth appearance on the show in the guise of Trump himself. This time Baldwin’s DJT prattled through justifications for his national emergency, not exactly hiding the likelihood that even he knows there’s no serious border crisis afoot. Whatever the case, it inspired him to both prove again he’s not 100% sure what “collusion” even means and, in a subsequent tweet, to repeat a classic line.

While Trump was predictably praised by his legion of dittoheads, he was also demeaned for being angry that a comedy program was making jokes about him.

He might have even inspired those who don’t enjoy SNL to check it out.

Some pointed out that there’s a “national emergency” going on right now, right?

Others weren’t amused. They saw it as a clear case of censorship.

And of First Amendment trampling.

Some compared him to his good friend, North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un.

Or to one of the many garden variety autocrats he’s often praised.

Some pointed out who’s really popular here.

Others pointed out that Alec Baldwin’s Trump is, if anything, smarter than Trump.

Others re-posted that instantly famous photo of him spending the second day of his national emergency at the omelette bar.

And the great Tim Heidecker reminded him that even bad comedy deserves freedom.