A Proud Boy Was *So Confused* To Learn That Trump Banned Them (And QAnon Symbols) From His Rallies

In a hilarious bit of schadenfreude, Donald Trump is reportedly banning anyone who’s wearing Proud Boys or QAnon symbols from his rallies. If you’re thinking to yourself, “Isn’t that his base?” Yes, it is, and the Proud Boys are pretty confused by the whole thing, too, considering Trump gave them VIP tickets to his most recent rally in Wyoming.

In a new viral video, a Proud Boy films himself being turned away by security after being told of the new rule prohibiting symbols that Trump no longer wants seen at his events. He is given the option of his turning his shirt inside out, but the security team made it very clear that no Proud Boys or QAnon logos are permitted.

As for why Trump is suddenly making a concerted effort to distance himself from the two movements that practically define the MAGA world is unknown, but it probably doesn’t help that the Proud Boys have been in considerable legal trouble for their involvement in the January 6 insurrection. The same January 6 insurrection that was committed in service to Trump, which makes his betrayal of the Proud Boys all the more disingenuous and hilarious to people watching the video online.

“Ahhhh…. Those delicious Proud Boy tears of confusion not being able to understand how quickly Trump went from ‘Proud Boys standby’ to ‘come in disguise ONLY. I’m embarrassed to know you,'” wrote Hadley Sheley.

“To Trump, we already know these are your dudes. Too late to try and disassociate now,” Bethany tweeted. “To the Proud Boys, ‘ha ha f*ckity ha ha ha.’ Your savior does not care about you. You were a prop, a tool, & someone to use just like every other MAGA asshole. Find a bag of dicks. Consume them. ”

“Trumps supporters are finally starting to find out that he wants them for votes and money not to hang out with,” wrote Marc Vondem.

You can check out more reactions to the Proud Boys learning Trump doesn’t want to be seen with them below:


(Via Ron Filipkowski on Twitter)