‘That’s A Lie!‘: Even Conservative Pundits Are Calling Out Donald Trump For His Spin On Ron DeSantis’ COVID Response

Donald Trump‘s latest attack on Ron DeSantis has apparently left conservative commentator Ben Shapiro stunned at the former president’s choice of tactics. While appearing on the Full Send podcast, Trump reportedly trashed DeSantis for his COVID response, which is an odd approach to take given most MAGA supporters were actually against mitigation measures like masking, lockdowns, and even the vaccine.

“I’m putting out the Covid numbers, he didn’t do well on Covid. He had more deaths than almost every country in Florida. I hate to say it cause Florida’s my state, but he did not do well,” Trump said. “It’s really, it’s very interesting, I don’t wanna knock anybody, but the thing he did well on was public relations, because the numbers weren’t what they pretended to be.”

Shapiro immediately mounted a defense of DeSantis. “That is a lie,” The Daily Wire founder said via Mediaite. “The numbers are exactly what he said they were.”

Shapiro then accused Trump of attacking the Florida governor from the left before questioning where Trump now stands on COVID policies and whether it’s in line with Republican voters.

“Presumably this means that he would’ve been in favor of lockdowns because Ron DeSantis was not in favor of lockdowns,” Shapiro said. “Presumably this would be mean that he would be in favor of vax mandates because Ron DeSantis was not in favor of vax mandates. Presumably this would mean that Trump is in favor of mask mandates cause DeSantis was not in favor of mask mandates.”

However, despite questioning whether Trump will uphold “conservative values,” Shapiro ended the segment by noting he would still vote the former president.

(Via Mediaite)