Trump Is Reportedly Planning On Attacking Ron DeSantis’ Wife — Like He Did Ted Cruz’s Wife In 2016 — If The Two Compete For The 2024 GOP Presidential Nomination

As Donald Trump and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis appear to be heading for a showdown in the GOP primary, the two have been reportedly engaged in a “quiet war” that could get real ugly real quick. In a new report covering the behind-the-scenes battles fought by the two camps, including wooing a former DeSantis aide over to Team Trump, an anonymous Trump advisor claims the former president is going to play a predictable card: Attacking Casey DeSantis just like he did to Ted Cruz’s wife.

Obviously, this would be a low blow by itself, but Casey is also recovering from a bout with the cancer. She does, however, play a prominent role in her husband’s campaign and basically acts like the “campaign manager, the political director, and the chief of staff.” That reportedly leaves her wide open in Trump’s book. Via The Daily Beast:

“Trump’s going to end up doing to DeSantis and his wife what he did to Cruz and his wife,” the Trump adviser said, referring to how Trump attacked Sen. Ted Cruz’s (R-TX) wife during the 2016 Republican presidential primaries.

Responding to these claims, Trump spokesperson Liz Harrington said theories that Trump would attack DeSantis’ wife were “total bullshit.”

While it seems unlikely that DeSantis would allow attacks against his wife to go unanswered, the Florida governor has already showed signs that he may already be cowering to Trump. Republican insiders recently revealed to Vanity Fair that DeSantis may not run against Trump. Instead, DeSantis will reportedly wait until the 2028 election where he can “walk into the presidency” but “without pissing off Trump or Florida.”

(Via The Daily Beast)