Donald Trump’s Desperate Plea To Delay Payment Of His $83.3 Million Defamation Judgment Got Blasted Into The Sun By E. Jean Carroll’s Lawyers

For a supposed billionaire, Donald Trump sure is having a hard time paying all the civil judgments against him. On the heels of reports that Trump can’t cover the cash bond from his New York City fraud cause, E. Jean Carroll‘s lawyers are slamming the former president for attempting to delay payment of the $83.3 million Trump owes her after repeatedly defaming her and being found liable for sexual assault.

According to Carroll’s lawyers, Trump has “no basis” for delaying the payment, particularly while offering no timeframe or explaining how he’ll cover the judgment. More damningly, Carroll’s lawyers note that the delay raises serious questions about Trump’s liquidity and how much money the supposed real estate tycoon actually has, if any at all.

Via The Guardian:

“The reasoning Trump offers in seeking this extraordinary relief boils down to nothing more than ‘trust me’. He doesn’t offer any information about his finances or the nature and location of his assets. He doesn’t specify what percentage of his assets are liquid or explain how Carroll might go about collecting,” reads the 36-page opposition document.

“He simply asks the Court to ‘trust me’ and offers, in a case with an $83.3 million judgment against him, the court filing equivalent of a paper napkin; signed by the least trustworthy of borrowers,” the document continues.

The rebuke from Carroll’s lawyers arrives shortly after Trump’s legal team revealed that the former president will need to sell assets to cover the bond in his Manhattan fraud case because the alleged billionaire doesn’t have $450 million on hand.

Gold toilets? Oh, sure. But actual cash? He’ll have to get back to you. Let him crunch a few numbers, we’ll talk soon.

(Via The Guardian)