Alina Habba, Who Previously Bragged That Trump Is A ‘Billionaire,’ Had To Admit He Doesn’t Have The Money To Pay His Cash Bond

There are great lawyers, and then there’s Alina Habba — which is to say someone who doesn’t appear to be great legal representation. The former president has burned through endless lawyers during his many recent legal woes, and at this point the best he can do seems to be someone under the intense delusion she’s better than Taylor Swift. Her latest blunder might be her worst: She let slip that her client is not only not as rich as he claims to be but is apparently straight-up not rich.

Per Raw Story, Trump’s lawyers filed a request asking to stay Justice Arthur Engoron’s decision to force their client to fork over $454.2 million after being found liable in his New York fraud case. That request was denied, by the way, but not before they suggested Trump simply doesn’t have the dough.

“In the absence of a stay on the terms herein outlined,” the filing read, “properties would likely need to be sold to raise capital under exigent circumstances, and there would be no way to recover any property sold following a successful appeal and no means to recover the resulting financial losses from the Attorney General.”

In other words, Trump doesn’t have half a billion at the ready. What’s more, this directly contradicts what Habba told Newsmax after they asked if he had “that kind of money sitting around.”

“Yes,” Habba replied. “I mean, he does, of course he has money. You know, he’s a billionaire. We know that.”

Do we, though? When asked if Trump could simply write a check, Habba kind of waffled. “I’m not gonna get into privileged information, but there will be a bond, and there will be no issues with that,” she said. “So that’s all I’ll say on that.”

Habba later told Fox News something similar, claiming “he’s resilient and he happens to have a lot of cash.”

Will Trump throw ketchup at Habba next time he sees her? Maybe not. He’s already been open about how difficult he is as a client, saying any lawyer who takes him on as a client would have to be “crazy.” At least he has Habba.

(Via Raw Story)