Trump Is In Deep Doo-Doo After A Former Mar-A-Lago Employee Changed His Testimony, Thus Implicating Him In Obstruction Of Justice Charges

Donald Trump may have four indictments, but all (or most) eyes are only on one of them right now: the case in Fulton County, Georgia, that may find the big guy becoming the first U.S. president to score a mugshot. But don’t forget the others. Indeed, there’s been a big break in the one two criminal cases ago, the one in which Trump has been accused of mishandling classified government documents.

As per Mediaite, one Yuscil Taveras, who used to work as an IT director at Mar-a-Lago — and who, when the news first broke, was known only as “Trump Employee 4” — has previously given testimony about allegedly deleted security footage at the resort in which Trump now lives. Back in June, though, Taveras was informed he was the subject of a perjury investigation.

So Taveras chucked Stanley Woodward, the MAGA lawyer representing him at the time, got new representation, and has now provided information that implicates Trump and others in obstruction of justice charges.

When Trump was first indicted in the classified docs case, he was hit with 37 separate charges. Three more were added last month over the alleged destruction of Mar-a-Lago footage. Also indicted on the additional charges were Mar-a-Lago maintenance chief Carlos De Oliveira and Walt Nauta, better known as Trump’s Diet Coke guy.

(Via Mediaite)