Donald Trump Is Getting Roasted Alive For His Ridiculous Inaugural Address Writing Photo Op

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01.18.17 27 Comments

Donald Trump is being inaugurated as the 45th President of the United States in just two days — no, that’s okay, I’ll wait while the wave of nausea passes — and during the countdown leading up to his big day he has been giving interviews, tweeting petty grievances, and doing just about anything but preparing himself for the most important job in the entire world. (After he takes the weekend off, anyway.)

But Trump wants you to know that the inauguration is very much on his mind, however, as he tweeted the above photo of himself Wednesday, hard at work on his inaugural address a few weeks back from his lavish Mar-a-Lago Florida estate — oh, I’m sorry, “Winter White House” as it is to be called from here forward.

Of course, anytime Trump posts one of his ridiculous photo ops on Twitter, he gets deservedly dragged for it, whether it be him eating a taco salad on Cinco de Mayo (I love Hispanics!) or eating KFC with a knife and fork aboard his private jet. Likewise, the Donald did not get a free pass this time around either, as Twitter was quick to pile on.

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