Madame Tussaud’s In Berlin Has Put Their Trump Wax Figure In The Trash In Case He Doesn’t Win

Not to jinx things, but there’s a chance Donald Trump could lose his second presidential election in a matter of days — or weeks, or months, depending on how long it takes to formally declare a winner. If you’re smart, you’re not sure about anything that could happen after November 3. But there’s one place that’s already going ahead and preparing for his loss: According to Reuters (via The AV Club), the Berlin wing of Madame Toussaud has already put the president’s wax figure in the trash. And this, a mere day after his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame was once again vandalized.

Trump was a TV star and a debatably (and sometimes not so debatably) successful businessman before he became the most powerful man in the world. So of course he has a likeness in the world’s premiere wax museum. The main Toussaud’s can be found in London, but there are outposts all over the globe. But the one in Germany’s largest city seems to be the most progressive, or at least the most efficient at getting rid of waste.

“Today’s activity is rather of a symbolic character ahead of the elections in the United States,” the museum’s marketing manager, Orkide Yalcindag, told Reuters. “We here at Madame Tussauds Berlin removed Donald Trump’s waxwork as a preparatory measure.”

Granted, the president’s wax figure doesn’t appear to have been deposited in just any old garbage bin. The container itself is affixed with a big sticker that reads “Dump Trump” followed by a poisonous spin on his favorite slogan, “Make America Great Again.” Trump is also surrounded by Twitter print-outs, with phrases like “You’re fired!” and “Fake News!” In pictures, the bin has been placed in front of a Trump Towers building.

Reuters speculates that, because he is technically one of history’s U.S. presidents, he’ll likely be fished out of the garbage and placed next to the likes of Barack Obama and Bill Clinton, whatever the election’s outcome. Till then, enjoy the photo above, of the guy who’s overseen, as of this writing, over 230,000 COVID-19-related deaths, finally getting thrown out.

(Via Reuters and The AV Club)