Trump Has Reportedly Considered Just Not Leaving The White House On January 20, And People Are Okay With Him Getting Dragged Out

Outgoing president Donald Trump clearly doesn’t want to go anywhere. He’s spent the last six weeks desperately contesting the election he clearly lost to Joe Biden, filling the courts and his once-easily hacked Twitter feed with baseless claims of voter fraud. None of it has worked, and a new report from CNN paints a chaotic picture of the about-to-be-reshuffled White House, with sources claiming the former reality star has even floated the idea of just not leaving.

Mind you, the report claims that, when he speaks about refusing to vacate 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., he’s been “walked down from that ledge.” How often this happens and how permanently he’s been “walked down” go unmentioned. One adviser seems to be cautiously optimistic. “He’s throwing a f*cking temper tantrum,” they said. “He’s going to leave. He’s just lashing out.”

Of course, after four years it’s abundantly clear that Trump doesn’t joke, that he hates losing, and that he will try anything to get his way, including eroding faith in the electoral process. (A staggering number of Republicans still believe the 2020 election was rigged, despite the repeated and repeated lack of evidence.) He’s also possibly going to come under a lot of financial and legal duress once he’s no longer shielded by the office of the presidency.

In other words, there’s a chance Trump could bolt himself to his tiny desk on January 20 and not leave. Thing is, him being forcibly dragged out of the White House is something a number of his critics would love to see.

Many said the Secret Service — who he’s repeatedly put in harm’s way, sometimes for nothing more than a drive-by photo op — would gladly do it, too.

Others wonedered if it could be televised.

Trump has shown no public signs of conceding, and in fact has raised a jaw-dropping amount of money from supporters for his efforts to challenge the election — a tiny fraction of which has actually gone to, well, challenging the election. (Again, he owes a ton of money once he’s no longer President of the United States.) Still, maybe that TV channel will wind up being the thing that belatedly gets him to hand over the reins. Clearly, though, many would prefer a spectacle.

(Via CNN)