Adam Pally Is In Hell Playing ‘Troll Or Trump?’

Long ago, America reached the maximum threshold for ridiculousness for everything presidential election. In terms of soccer, we’ve been in stoppage time in regards to crazy for what feels like three years now. Like a way-too-crazy-to-deal-with-ex-girlfriend, Trump-Clinton 2016 will forever hold a place in our hearts. We will always remember the time we had together, but we would never want to relive it.

A particularly enthralling aspect of watching Donald Trump’s unorthodox campaign against Hillary Clinton has been keeping up with his Twitter hijinks. It’s not only been entertaining to keep up with the day-to-day tweets, but it feels like every day someone pulls out a gem from back when he was just a harmless real estate mogul trying to give Robert Pattinson love advice. So fun, in fact, that Mashable and Joshy and Happy Endings star Adam Pally made it into a game.

“Trump or Troll?” tests whether a visibly-shaken Pally can identify a real life tweet from the presidential candidate from the tweet of a random Twitter egg; sadly, the results are exactly as you might expect. The real story here is that while the game itself in guessing which tweet is from The Donald or not is fun, the real entertainment is in watching Pally squirm in anticipation of the game ending so he can take a shower. At one point, after finding out Trump indeed penned a tweet mocking all the “haters and losers who keep tweeting the name F**face Von Clownstick” at him Pally looks towards someone off camera and bluntly states “Cool, that guy could be president,” while nodding his head in bewilderment. The entire thing is worth your time, and should encourage you to play your own version at home.

(Via Mashable)