It Sure Sounds Like A NY Judge Has Dissolved The Trump Organization For Committing ‘Repeated’ Fraud, And People Have Thoughts

Earlier this summer, it really wasn’t too surprising to hear that Donald Trump had inflated his let worth by billions. He has always been obsessed with size and making everything look bigly. He could not even stop bragging about the “crowd size” at his insurrection. However, some genuinely shocking news — for those who don’t truly believe that Trump-fueled consequences would come for the Trump family — has arrived.

The Daily Beast has published exhaustive details on the 35-page order from New York Judge Arthur Engoron, who granted partial summary judgment to the case from NY AG Letitia James. The rest of the trial shall continue to determine damages to plaintiffs, but there are some big takeaways from today’s ruling. The defendants, including Donald and his eldest sons, Don Jr and Eric, along with multiple Trump Org. executives, have been found guilty of fraud, and the judge has ordered the cancellation of their New York business certificates. A key component: James had found that Trump had purposefully overstated the value of several of his real estate properties, which resulted in fraud committed against banks and insurers. CNBC sums up Ergoron’s response to those size-obsessed missteps:

The 35-page details how Trump fraudulently valued his Mar-a-Lago club in Palm Beach, Florida, Trump Park Avenue and 40 Wall Street in New York City, his Seven Springs property in Westchester County, New York, and his golf course in Aberdeen, Scotland.

After noting that Trump submitted statements falsely claiming that the Trump Tower apartment in which he resided for decades was nearly three times its actual size, Engoron wrote, “a discrepancy of this order of magnitude, by a real estate developer sizing up his own living space of decades, can only be considered fraud.”

Ergoron also called out the “repeated” violation of New York laws against fraud by the Trump Org, and as CBS News notes, this amounted to a total of $3.6 billion in overstated value. All Trump attorneys on this case are ordered to each pay $7,500 in sanctions “or making frivolous arguments in court filings,” and boy, it’s only going to get harder for Trump to find representation for future cases. A whole lot of wheels need to be moving fast, too, because the judge has given a 10-day deadline for key happenings.

Here’s a look at the order’s conclusion:

Let’s just say that there’s a lot of processing going on through social media:

Are ALL CAPS RANTS incoming from the big guy? No doubt.

(Via Daily Beast, CNBC & CBS News)