Trump Is Planning To Get Even More Theatrical At His Jan. 6 Trial, Which He’s Convinced He’s Going To Lose

There’s a chance Donald Trump could score a dubious record: becoming the first convicted felon to represent a major political party at a national election. Congrats? He apparently knows it, too, which is why he’s planning on ramping up one of his more recent tricks: Acting like a petulant child in courtrooms then strolling outside to rant and rave to waiting reporters.

Per Axios, Trump isn’t so optimistic about his upcoming Jan. 6 case, in which he’s on trial for his actions leading up to and including the Capitol riot. That said, even if found guilty, he thinks he could still win the White House. Every time he’s been indicted — and remember, it happened four times last year — instead of his polling going down it’s gone up. As such, he figures if he continues to paint himself as a victim of political persecution, namely by being even more of a nuisance in court, he’ll be able to conquer Joe Biden.

Or will he? There’s a chance this could backfire. For one thing, he could wind up in prison — though that, some of his cronies have argued, doesn’t mean he can’t still run for president, or even do the job from the clink.

For another, that could alienate swing voters, who he might need in a tight race. A recent poll found that more than half of registered voters would be unwilling to vote for Trump if he was convicted and/or jailed.

The Jan. 6 trial was originally scheduled to start on March 4, but it was recently dropped from the public court calendar. It might be rescheduled for spring or summer, though the closer it gets to Election Day, the less likely it is to happen at all. But when/if it does, expect lots of him grumbling or getting snippy like a little brat.

(Via Axios)