Trump Is Being Mocked For Announcing A Press Conference At A Random Landscaping Business (Shortly Before Losing)

On Saturday morning, not long before CNN, AP, The New York Times, and other sources called the election for his rival Joe Biden, soon-to-be former president Donald J. Trump announced a press conference. The Trump era has always been a weird one — among other adjectives — but the weirdness has really ramped up since Election Day, which has found the leader of the free world repeatedly being flagged for spreading misinformation on Twitter and even declaring victory in states he hasn’t won à la Michael Scott declaring bankruptcy. Sure enough, this very simple act — one of his last acts before formally losing the 2020 election — was quick to take a surreal turn.

It began innocently, with Trump announcing a presser in Philadelphia, which has become one of the epicenters of the election, with an avalanche of absentee ballots being slowly but surely counted. At first he announced the affair would be held at the city’s swanky Four Seasons hotel. He deleted that, replaced it with a correction, deleted that correction, then posted a second correction, clarifying that when he said the Four Seasons, he meant…a landscaping business called Four Seasons Total Landscaping.

For the record, Four Seasons Total Landcaping is located in Tacony, in the city’s northeast section — quite a ways away from the hotel, which is located in Center City, just off of the scenic Benjamin Franklin Parkway. That would be an ideal place for a president, even one on the cusp of losing, to make a thunderous appearance. Instead, Trump and reporters were going here.

Journalists were surprised at what the found.

It was an interesting part of town, too.

The hotel’s social media team was also quick to put out a clarifying/distancing statement.

The other Four Seasons, however, was not so forthright with the press.

Some felt this was a perfect encapsulation of what may be Trump’s final days as leader of the free world.

And others just had jokes.

We’re almost certainly in for 2 ½ months of frivolous lawsuits from the Trump team, attempting to contest an election they clearly lost. But one person saw this Four Seasons mishegoss as a good sign.

The press conference, incidentally, was scheduled for 11:30am — about one minute after CNN called the race for Biden. So there you have it: One of President Trump’s last acts before formally losing re-election was being mocked on Twitter for doing something dumb. Sounds about right.