Trump Went On A Late Night Tirade Against ‘Disloyal’ And ‘Woke’ Howard Stern, Who He Calls A ‘Broken Weirdo’

Last week Howard Stern, a man who rose to fame by being cheerfully risqué, came out as “woke, motherf*cker.” It’s not that surprising; the onetime shock jock has mellowed with age, although as of last year he was still technically identifying as conservative. He’s has, though, come out against his former frequent guest, Donald Trump. Now Trump is firing back, in the middle of the night, as one does.

As caught by Mediaite, the former president went on a late-night rager, taking to his rinky-dink Twitter clone around 2am EST to tell the world what he thinks about the progressive Stern.

“The real Howard Stern is a weak, pathetic, and disloyal guy, who lost his friends and MUCH of his audience,” Trump posted. “Until just recently, I haven’t heard his name mentioned in years. I did his show many times in the good old days, and then he went Woke, and nobody cares about him any longer. I don’t know what they (really!) pay him, but it shouldn’t be much. His influence is gone, and without that, he’s got NOTHING – Just a broken weirdo, unattractive both inside and out, trying like hell to be relevant!”

During his broadcast, Stern said he took complaints that he’d gone “woke” as a “compliment.”

“To me the opposite of woke, is being asleep,” he said. “And if woke means I can’t get behind Trump, which is what I think it means, or that I support people who want to be transgender or I’m for the vaccine, dude call me woke as you f*cking want.”

Stern also boasted about getting the new vaccine soon as it was available, saying, “F*cking science. This f*cking country is so great.”

Howard Stern wasn’t the only thing Trump was angry about in the middle of the night on a Friday. He also railed against his successor’s handling of the United Auto Workers strike and electric cars and China and, well, see for yourself:

Crooked Joe Biden had no intention of going to visit the United Autoworkers, until I announced that I would be heading to Michigan to be with them, & help then out. Actually, Crooked Joe sold them down the river with his ridiculous all Electric Car Hoax. This wasn’t Biden’s idea, he can’t put two sentences together. It was the idea of the Radical Left Fascists, Marxists, & Communists who control him and who, in so doing, are DESTROYING OUR COUNTRY! Within 3 years, all of these cars will be made in China. That’s what Sleepy Joe wants, because China pays him and his family a FORTUNE. He is a Manchurian Candidate. If the UAW “leadership” doesn’t ENDORSE me, and if I don’t win the Election, the Autoworkers are “toast,” with our great truckers to follow. Crooked Joe Biden is the most Corrupt and Incompetent President in the history of the USA. If he is able to gather the energy to show up, tell him to go to the Southern Border instead, & to leave the Car Industry alone!

Strong “sir, this is a TGI Friday’s” energy there.

(Via Mediaite)