Howard Stern Is Describing Himself As A ‘Normal Conservative’ And Unloading On ‘Dumb Motherf*cker’ Trump Supporters

Howard Stern returned to his radio show this week where the shock jock absolutely unloaded on Donald Trump supporters. While discussing the passing of his father, who died over the summer, Stern blasted the current brand of conservatives who routinely cry about their freedoms being “threatened.” As Stern put it, his ancestors fled to America to escape true oppression, and this “nation of nincompoops” has never experienced anything even remotely close to that.

“Their freedoms have never really been threatened and they have no idea what it would be like to live under a different type of system other than democracy. And they don’t get it. They are morons. They think somehow that the world would be better under a guy like Trump.” Stern said via Mediaite before encouraging Trump supporters to try living under Vladimir Putin‘s rule for a year. “You should go live in Russia, all you f*ckers out there.”

As the radio host got fired up, he surprisingly revealed that he’s a “normal conservative,” but unlike the MAGA hordes, he says he has “half a brain” and isn’t “blindly” following Trump.

“We have education. We have public schools. We have teachers, but you know, the public is stupid. People are just dumb,” Stern said. “A lot of people are like Cro-Magnon man. They’ve crawled. You ever see that chart where man is crawling out of the sea. There’s a lot of people still in the sea. You’re just dumb. They’re just dumb motherf*ckers.”

(Via Mediaite)