Trump Retweeted A Photo Of Himself As The Moon Eclipsing Obama: ‘The Best Eclipse Ever!’

Getty Image

Following numerous reports detailing Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s deteriorating relationship with the president and House Speaker Paul Ryan’s Charlottesville criticisms, Donald Trump lashed out at both on Thursday morning over raising the debt ceiling. Needless to say, Trump’s latest tirade will surely set the tone for the rest of the news day, but instead of simply sticking to tweeting incessant criticisms of his own party’s leaders, the Donald decided to take things a step further and retweet an anti-Obama solar eclipse meme featuring the two presidents. Posed by Twitter user Jerry Travone, the meme depicts Trump “eclipsing” Obama in a series of four images, along with the all-caps phrase “the best eclipse ever!”

As a result, Trump inadvertently did what his own treasury secretary tried and failed to do the day before — he reignited “eclipse” Twitter. The social media platform’s teaming masses of journalists, would-be comedians and trolls came out in force once the president retweeted the meme (which remains as of this writing), and their jokes weren’t half bad.