Everyone Is Making Fun Of Donald Trump’s St. Patrick’s Day Tweet

Getty Image

Donald Trump has been uncharacteristically rather subdued on Twitter over the past couple of weeks — not counting the time he threatened to throw Snoop Dogg in jail, but hey, nobody’s perfect. That’s probably because his last great tweetstorm resulted in accusing his predecessor of impeachment-grade wiretapping crimes, accusations that somehow won’t go away mostly because he refuses to admit to any wrongdoing in making them.

So given that today is St. Patrick’s Day, Trump (pictured above accepting a bowl of shamrocks from Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny) had a very simple message to wish his followers for the holiday, which he tweeted from both his personal Twitter account and @POTUS account. And look! It doesn’t even include a photo of him sucking on a Shamrock Shake or whatever the nonsense Irish equivalent of a taco bowl would be!

Of course, this being Trump naturally he managed to spell “Lá fhéile Pádraig sona dhuit” incorrectly, which many people were quick to point out, although given that the man can’t spell a three letter word in his own language correctly, not sure what everyone was expecting. Others made sure to note the fact that St. Patrick was, you know, an immigrant — in addition to other jokes made at the President’s expense.

In a nutshell.