A Trump Staffer’s Attempt To Insult Kamala Harris By Comparing Her To Marge Simpson Didn’t Go Well

Kamala Harris has only been Joe Biden’s running mate for a day now, and while the news was well-received by some, like her SNL portrayer Maya Rudolph, many on the right were quick to dogpile on the possible future veep. Even a lesser known Trump Team staffer tried to get in on it. Jenna Ellis — senior legal adviser to the president’s re-election campaign and one of his attorneys — took to Twitter with what she thought was a nasty dig.

“Kamala sounds like Marge Simpson,” Ellis wrote. Thing is, if she thought comparing Harris to the tall-haired matriarch of the longest-running animated show in history was an insult, Twitter was there to remind her that she was deeply mistaken. Some people were baffled.

Others were angry.

After all, Marge is nothing if not the conscience of Springfield, in whichever state Springfield is in.

Besides, she’s capable of deep, profound, heartbreaking sadness.

Then again, Marge Simpson also gets stuff done.

And she cleans up after the lazy guy.

And she gave birth to Lisa Simpson, the president who, long before he was actually our real president, succeeded — and cleaned up — after Ellis’ boss.

Marge also “wrote” a stern but polite letter to a real previous president, George H.W. Bush, after he criticized the show. Bush, whose skin was thicker than the current one’s, wrote back.

In short, comparing anyone to Marge Simpson is the opposite of an insult.