Stephen Colbert Calls Out Trump For Stealing His Exact Bit From ‘The Colbert Report’

11.29.18 9 months ago

Earlier this week, President Donald Trump gave a free-wheeling, rambling interview with the Washington Post on a wide range of topics — one of them being how disappointed he is with Jerome Powell, his own Federal Reserve Board Chairman pick. The best people! As Stephen Colbert reviewed on Wednesday night, Trump was quoted by the Post as saying he’s “not happy” with the Fed. “They’re making a mistake because I have a gut, and my gut tells me more sometimes than anybody else’s brain can ever tell me,” the president very logically explained.

“That quote about trusting your gut over the brains of experts reminds me of someone I used to know,” Colbert pointed out: “Me!”

Yes, when Colbert played Stephen Colbert, the blowhard conservative pundit on Comedy Central’s The Colbert Report, he used similar logic to back up his talking points — literally, on the very first episode on October 27, 2005!

The uncanny “coincidence” happened during Colbert’s first-ever “The Word” segment in the premiere:

“That’s where the truth comes from, ladies and gentlemen, the gut. Do you know you have more nerve endings in your stomach than you do in your head? Look it up! Now, somebody’s gonna say, I did look that up and it’s wrong. Well mister, that’s because you looked it up in a book. Next time, try looking it up in your gut.”

After running the clip, Colbert noted that Trump is clearly guilty of copyright infringement and that the president is stealing his “anti-intellectual property.” As such, he announced his official plans to sue Donald J. Trump, the President of the United States.

If he’s serious, he may just have himself a case, because this is not the first time Trump has mimicked Colbert’s fictional, satirical persona. Back in February of 2017, Colbert put Trump “on notice” for stealing his “On Notice” segment from the Report.

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