Trump Was Terrified That Melania, Of Whom He Is Scared, Would Leave Him Before The 2016 Election

The last leg of Donald Trump’s first presidential campaign, as you may recall, was pure chaos. There was the Access Hollywood tape, in which he was caught bragging about sexual assault. Behind the scenes, there was drama, too, including him allegedly paying off porn star Stormy Daniels over an old affair. The latter is back in the news thanks to the Manhattan DA’s escalating criminal investigation, which has led to him accidentally letting slip their tryst was true. It also led to the revelation that Trump was terrified Melania, on whom he may have cheated, would leave him.

The former president’s lawyer has claimed that his client wasn’t so much worried that news of an affair would have ruined his political chances. Instead he was more worried that Melania would leave him. Then again, Trump’s biographer, Tim O’Brien, points out that had she left him right before the election, that may have hurt his chances.

“I think he was also worried about his marriage getting blown up,” O’Brien said on MSNBC Monday. “Donald Trump has a long history of cheating on his wives, and I think he probably was more afraid at that point of Melania Trump than he was of the electorate. So, he had the motivation to try to get this out of the way.”

O’Brien also pointed out that Michael Cohen, Trump’s attorney-turned-stool pigeon, says he has a recording of Trump talking about coordinating the payments through then-CFO Allen Weisselberg, who is currently serving five months in Rikers Island after taking the fall for his old boss.

“This isn’t only hearsay,” O’Brien said, “they have Trump on tape asking someone to commit a crime. And nothing of substance went on in the Trump Organization at all that involved money that Donald Trump didn’t sign off on if the sums were significant or the consequences were significant.”

Anyway, that Trump would be scared of his own wife is not news. Earlier this year Kellyanne Conway claimed she’s the only person for whom he “reserves fear.”

(Via Raw Story)