Trump Got Trolled By A Plane Flying Over Mar-A-Lago Bearing A Pro-DeSantis Banner Ahead Of His Threatened Presidential Announcement

A week has passed since the Republican Party’s “red wave” failed to materialize during the midterm elections. Many in the GOP — and many not in the GOP — have put the blame at Trump’s feet. Has that deterred him from announcing his third presidential campaign? Of course. But hours before he was expected to do just that, someone decided to troll him but good.

As per Mediaite, New York Times journalist Michael C. Bender posted a picture on Twitter of a plane soaring above Mar-a-Lago, where Trump is likely to reveal his announcement. The plane dragged a banner through the air bearing the following words: “You lost again, Donald! #DeSantis2024.”

It’s not clear who paid for the banner, nor if Trump saw it and threw one of his patented hissy fits. Even if he did, it probably won’t throw him off course from his announcement, which he vowed he would make while campaigning for J.D. Vance, one of the only MAGA candidates who did well in the midterms. Indeed, rather than listen to his own party — including his own cohorts — and stay put in the resort in which he now lives, he’s vowed to put up a fight.

Could Trump finally take the Republican Party down with him? Does he care? Or will he finally have to face the consequences of his dodgy actions? Until we know, we can probably predict he would have been more mad looking up at the pro-DeSantis banner than he was looking into the solar eclipse that easily could have left him blind.

(Via Mediaite)