Donald Trump’s TRUTH Social Is Apparently Disintegrating Behind The Scenes With Execs Dropping Like Flies

Trump’s attempt at creating a Twitter alternative for his MAGA cult members has suffered yet another blow.

After his longtime ally Roger Stone accused Trump’s Truth Social of censorship, two key tech executives who helped launch the platform have just quit. The company’s chief of technology, Josh Adams, and its chief of product development, Billy Boozer, resigned this week at their departure couldn’t have come at a worst time. Along with censorship claims from other users, the platform’s sign-ups have dropped by 93% since it launched.

According to Reuters, both Boozer and Adams’ departures were announced after the platform’s dismal iPhone app launch. Though the app hit the Apple Store on Feb. 20th, some users are still on a waiting list, trying to gain access. The plan was to expand the app for Android users but losing their top two tech guys might further delay that promise. According to many sources, Trump is big mad over how badly Truth Social is performing — word is it only averages 650,000 users per day and all of the bad press is really hurting Trump’s ego.

Maybe some new management will turn things around though? Or maybe, a barebones social media site run by narcissistic reality-star-turned-politician was just never gonna work in the first place?

(Via Reuters)